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South Beach Syrup Co. - Founded in Miami Beach. Coming soon to Las Vegas, The Bahamas, and much more!

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Pairing the sexy, South Beach image with high-quality ingredients, The South Beach Syrup Co. (SBS) is here to provide the best value and most fashionable beverage mixers on the market. The South Beach name is far more than our founding location, but a lifestyle to which SBS lives synonymously with the chic, trendsetting, image of the Magic City.

The far-reaching market of this unique beverage company has already begun to change the landscape of specialty cocktails across Miami Beach. With the first zero-calorie simple syrup, skinny cocktails are being concocted daily with a focus on quality, taste, and nutrition.

SBS's beverage mixers are manufactured to fit pour spouts and rest easily in service wells. These design advantages lead to high volume, consistent preparation of cocktails, in addition to enhancing bartender productivity, and providing better consistency than any other mixer, sweetener, or cocktail additive.

SBS consists of a product line well suited for a variety of venues, including products such as Simple Syrup, Zero Calorie Simple Syrup, Wasabi Bloody Mary Mix, Skinny Jalapeño Margarita Mix, and Piña Colada Mix. Future products will showcase the sweeter side of SBS, introducing syrup flavors such as Caramel, French Vanilla, Mocha, and many more!

Developing creative promotional campaigns and introducing unique innovations on beverage products, the endless passion and perseverance of our hands-on operating and development team’s intent is to become a staple on cocktail menus, beverage programs and provide "skinny” options around the world.

The South Beach Syrup Co. is Sexy, Skinny, and the Life of the Magic City, and is establishing a new breed of cocktails for trendsetters across the globe.

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